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String Art origins

String art was a very popular craft in the 1970’s.  But it’s history goes back to the 19th Century when Mary Everest Boole introduced the string art technique to help children understand geometry better. 

This educational craft called string art has the  purpose making mathematics more accessible to children.

tools eileenaart

A hammer and various types of materials can be used to create string art: Nails; Finishing nails or linoleum nails. Board; Some people prefer to use cork board, personally use pine wood , reclaimed wood depending on what’s available and  panel wood board. Template : traditionally a template is used to create the design for the board but it is completely optional  .

String: embroidery floss was used in the 70’s. But today we use different types of yarn  or  any colored  cord .  Background: fabric or stain is the classical way to cover the board, but it is absolutely optional. 

“String art is a fun craft that allows me to create bold colorful names, icons , figures and portraits” – Eileen A

coffee mug by eileenaart

The string art displayed  in the picture was created from scratch using no template in the process obtaining beautiful and unique organic pattern.  Integrating mixed media as the background,  instead of the traditionally  fabric used in the 70’s or the ordinary stained board used by many string art creators these days. 

string art eilenaart
Distinctive art pieces that stand out from other string art creations.

This  new concept that  I’ve developed back in 2014 allows me to Have fun and keep creating!!!

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