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Art Commissions

At, Eileen is proud to showcase her unique and original creations, allowing customers to request a creation of a unique piece for their home or business easily. She works directly with you to select the ideal artwork for your space, vision, and budget. With her help, you can easily determine what size artwork will work best in your space.

Eileen is excitedly looking forward  to hear about your vision and bring it to life.


  • Eileen  lives to create original art that speaks to the heart; Understanding that artwork is an emotional experience, which is why it takes time to create something special that resonates with each individual customer. 

  • Time frame for each piece could take 1 to 12 months.

  • This timeline allows to give each commission the attention it deserves. Only a limited amount of request will be accepted per year, so be sure to secure your spot before your desired delivery date.

  • EA Art - Eileen A Art LOGO


    Commission pricing varies based on medium, material, complexity, and size. 

    Projects range from:

    $300 – $15K

    A sketch & Consultation fee:

    $50 (applied to the project total).

    A deposit will be due:

    50% Deposit – Plus Shipping & Taxes(If Applicable) 

    Flexible installment payment options are available for  all  artwork. 


    Please serve yourself by  filling out the form below. 

    Examples of past orders,  Personalized Art and crafts.

    You may request a similar order for you by contacting me.

    Personalized ArtWork Queue.

    Contact Us 

    Contact us for a consultation, we will source artwork options for you to review, specifically catered for you.

    Thanks for submitting!

    Reserve your art work Queue

    People waiting their turn are displayed here


    Mixed Media Painting or Sculpture / Size

    Scheduled for Month /Day /24

    Approximately Ready in two weeks

    S & L Hanna Delivered

    Triptych  3 Paintings 36" X 24"

    Scheduled for 05/18/24

    Approximately Ready in month 

    Jennifer W. Delivered

    2 Mixed Media Painting 20" X 16"

    Scheduled for 03/2/24

    Approximately Ready in two weeks

    Chronic Guru String Art DELIVERED

    Mixed Media string art 30" X 30"

    Scheduled for 02/20/23

    Approximately Ready in two weeks

    Isela  And Tito DELIVERED

    Mixed media Painting 36" X 24"

    Scheduled for  06/9/23

    Approximately Ready in 3 weeks

    AM+ER Shipped

    Mixed media  string art on canvas 24" X 18"

    Scheduled for  06/28/23

    Approximately Ready in 1 week

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