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"In a explosion of creative juices, color theory collides with a surface while creating  artwork inspired in our little universe.

A scrabble of my imagination and the vast emotions of my heart translated onto a palpable pieces, that flow with texture and movement;  Harmoniously   connecting with you, making your mind wonder into a faraway land while blending into your dwelling".

- Eileen A. Art

Joy Painting by EileenA Art 8x8 print

Not  Your


String Art!

Eileen A art fuses

this retro technique with modern mediums. Mixed media is incorporated to the background instead of the black velvet fabric that was used in 1970 for the traditional string art craft.

String art is an all ages friendly DIY project; But if you can't create your own from scratch; No problem, we got your back! We will cut the wood, paint the background, grab a hammer, some nails and a your choice  colorful strings to create your custom piece.

Chronic Guru String Art by Eileen A Art
Gift For MOM String Art 30"X30"
one very satisfied customer Orlando Fl
eddie van halen guitar
eclipse string art
mandala smiles
Mushroom string art
customer smiles string art_edited
chaos star purple  eileenaart string art
customer pictures
Lotus Pose (Padmasana) t12
om symbol art  by eileenaart
Yoga Poses & Asanas  warrior
Personalized House Warming Gift
bikequote string8x101 1jpg_edited
coffee string art
customer cheers
Dragonfly in Purple
blue flowers string art
bike art by eileenaart_edited_edited
respect the beard string art by eileen a art
Endangered species Series_ Sumatran Elephant
wedding gift by eileenaart
CUSTOM STRING ART CREATION 🔥HOT ROD _therustkiller _#eileenaart
string art coffee mug eileenaart
baby  kids room decor by eileenaart
CUSTOM ORDER STRING ART #custom #order #🎨 #project #stringart👀 #nailartaddict #handmade
customer shares
heart string art
personalized  string art
super man string art
Custom Art work _#eileenaart_edited
personalized teacher gift by eileenaart
String art

"The tree of life is a symbol for harmony; A sacred representation of the union between  man and nature." 

These enchanting trees are hand carved with polymer clay as the main material. All our trees of life are executed with similar details to a real tree. The bi dimensional sculpture  tree is finished with high quality acrylics and  fasten to the stained wood  background.

Love Locks Tree

Handmade for your wedding day. It's a unique unity ceremony item that only few people in the world have ; The love locks tree is a memory that will last a lifetime.


D And J wedding tree
Family Tree E & M
mini tree eileen a art
wynwood fine art gallery eilee a art_edited
Wedding tree eileenaart
tree of life eileenaart
family tree
Love locks tree eileen A art original sculpture
M&N  lovelockstree eileenaart
married couple tree example eileenaart
Love locks wedding tree
Tree of life
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