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"In a explosion of creative juices, color theory collides with a surface while creating  artwork inspired in our little universe.

A scrabble of my imagination and the vast emotions of my heart translated onto a palpable pieces, that flow with texture and movement;  Harmoniously   connecting with you, making your mind wonder into a faraway land while blending into your dwelling".

- Eileen A. Art

joy 8x8 print.jpg



Eileen A. original paintings  includes an array of themes like abstracts, fauna, flora, figurative, surreal and typography.  All past work  are available for reproduction.

Frida self portrait by eileeaart_edited_edited
be you by eileenaart
motivational quotes  wall decor by eileenaart
abstract study eileenaart
One withthe universe "Nuelle" collage- eileenaart
delightful abstract by eileenaaart
abstract painting eileenaart
dog portrait
Restless mind series by eileenAart
elephant art  by eileenaart
happy thoughts restless mind series by eileenaart
the blues abstract by eileenaaart
One withthe universe "Dream" collage- eileenaart
painting customer home ea-art com_1 1
Custom made quadriptych 2013 _Lotus flower_ composed four 18_x 24_ canvases of  whole size
eileen a art gallery ea-art com_1 1
owl painting by eileenaart
painting customer home ea-art com
1996 Angel de la Tierra
undying cd cover art by eileenaart