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How to stretch a canvas

As a visual artist you want vast knowledge of techniques and materials, but it's also important to know some basic Things such as how to stretch your own canvas. in the case that the size of canvas that you would like for your piece is not available in store.

Learn how to stretch your own canvas, Following this easy step by step tutorial.


Canvas stretcher bars

Stapler gun

1/4 staples

1 set of hands

NOTE: For larger canvases you will need a Canvas Stretcher Plier and another set of hands.

Grab the canvas stretcher bars and assemble them, securing the corners tightly. Cut the fabric an inch and a half extra from the size of your canvas. This leaves plenty of space to fold and stretch the fabric with your hands.

Place your fabric on the table and put the stretcher bar on the fabric with the flat side facing up.

Go to the center of the canvas and staple one side of the canvas.

Flip the canvas and staple across the center. Staples most face each other

to ensure that the fabric will stretch correctly.

Staple one side first then flip the canvas and pull, staple, repeat until you get to

the corner. Do all sides, stapling across.

Pay attention to the corner, pull both sides of the fabric and hold with your fingers it will form a triangle. Pull and staple.

Tap the canvas with your finger; it should sound like a untuned drum. Project is done,

now just prime it and paint.

Thanks for reading Eileen A Art Eclectic blog, Have fun and create!


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