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I SEE / YO VEO ART PROJECT SEE / YO VEO Art Project is proposal that my friend and fellow artist Silvina Castillo send me to be part of. So we can grow together as humans, artists and community.

The purpose of this art project is to inspire, communicate, reflect our personal growth and experiences through changes. Share our story and inspire others.

I see, Yo veo
I see / Yo veo

“I see a world truly trying to evolve. Despite those that keep turning away from our human nature, And insist on living the artificial frivolous illusion of the technological world. Forgetting who the truly are.” – Eileen A Art

“My Personal Change;

I was really young when I took the step toward creating a change in my personal world. I was 13 years old. Letting go of the fears that society had imposed me; Began to Think by myself.

And went on a self guided journey of change and discovery. Gradually changing through determination. Improving myself to become a better human being, harming none doing what I will.

Studying, Observing, Learning, Practicing, Sharing, Grounding, Feeling, Enjoying, Respecting, Loving, Envisioning, Guiding…Continuing. each step of my journey present and aware.”

-Eileen A. Art.

I see / Yo veo Art proyect
I see / Yo veo Art proyect

Watch the inspirational video and make your own I SEE Art Project then share it with us @isee.yoveo.artproject

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