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Owl Art: Easter Screech Owl Story

About six years ago on a new moon winter night,  we went outside and laid ourselves in a big  red blanket;  when suddenly the shooting speed of  flapping wings across the sky disrupted the peace of our star gazing meditation.

Rushing to rise from the ground intrigued of what had passed over our heads;( getting goose bumps all over mu skin as I am recreating this moment) And there he was, compact and magnificent looking at us with petrified eyes as we walked  towards him.

owls by eileenaart

With a slow steady pace I approached him with the camera, gaining his confidence with each step, just to take a snap picture of this majestic fearless hunter of the night. He stood there like he was the king, he was barely bigger than a pint glass; So small but powerful. Those big eyes staring at me like a blinding spotlight. I took the picture and returned to the blanket; sitting this time, silently admiring his beauty from far; He kept us company for a little while, then he disappeared into the stars preying his next meal.

owls by eileenaart

This once in a lifetime live encounter with this majestic creature filled me up with inspiration to create portraits of owls.

the painting below was the  interpretation of what my alert hazel eyes saw that night; it may or may not look like him, but this painting was what my soul seized that moment.

Since that particular wonderful magical moment , I’ve been creating paintings of owls. 

Some  of the portraits  are idealized, others are so colorful that they defy reality. 

That ends my story for the love of owls. If you like to see more owls visit owl store or click the image below.

owls by eileenaart

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Majestic creatures of the forests. Symbols of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition.

whats is your favorite owl?

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