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Love Locks Tree of Life

Love locks tree the newest unity ceremony tradition . . . The story behind Eileen A art Tree of life sculpture.

I was commissioned to make a bi dimensional sculpture ; A functional version of the tree of life; A love lock tree for a wedding ceremony; This wedding tradition is relatively "new' so I did my research on the web to understand better what my client was asking me to make for them and there it was the story of the lovers of Vrnjačka Banja.

As history tells; It all started on a bridge at Vrnjačka Banja in Serbia. Where two lovers used to meet; the man went to war and fell in love with another woman and his lover died from a broken heart. Although it this story had is tragic ending with the death of one of the lovers, it started a beautiful tradition among the women of Vrnjačka Banja. The young women from the area started writing down their names and the names of their loved ones, on padlocks and affixing them to the railings of the bridge where couple used to meet; In order to protect their love

After reading how the story of the love lock tradition started. I carefully planned on how the tree of life structure was going to hold those heavy iron padlocks that the client described. In a commissioned artwork , the artists has to fulfill all the client requests.

"Weddings are where traditionally "love starts"; giving life to traditions like the Love Locks Tree of life."

The body is assembled with wire to make the foundation of the tree of life strong enough to hold a iron padlock or love lock as traditionally called. The love locks tree of life body is covered in clay and hand carved carved to resemble a real tree texture.

The tree is part of their wedding ceremony and will be at their home for a lifetime.

The center that holds the main padlock that symbolizes the couple's eternal union is attached to a irregular branch at the center of the love locks tree .

Love locks tree A bi-dimensional sculpture tree of life by Eileen A art

Above the center the initials of the bride and groom are carved, they can be single fonts or inside a heart and arrow like couples traditionally carve their initials on trees

Love locks tree A bi-dimensional sculpture tree of life by Eileen A art

"Love can have a variety of related but distinct meanings but it is the main emotion naturally experimented throughout every human's life."

love locks tree by eileenaart

The branches of the love lock tree are covered by polymer clay and textured to resemble natural tree branches. Clients who have children that will take part in the wedding ceremony too, placing their love locks at the top branches.

Love locks tree A bi-dimensional sculpture tree of life by Eileen A art

The roots can hold love locks too if requested, these will symbolize those previous love union that gave life to the bride and the groom; Their parents.

Love locks tree A bi-dimensional sculpture tree of life by Eileen A art

The Love locks Tree of Life can be made in any size. And hold as many locks as the client wishes.

"The love locks tree of life wedding ceremony is a tradition, that will create ideal memories that are going to last a lifetime and that will keep your guests talking long after that special day; Plus it will be a conversational art piece in your love nest to recreate that moment over and over."

Eileen A art love locks tree wedding ceremony tree

I am so in love with the love locks tree. It makes me want to get married again; Maybe I can make one for my 20th anniversary.

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