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personalized tree of life

Tree of Life Family heirloom by eileenaart


A tree of life and  love.  Handmade polymer clay  Original artwork sculpture; In silver, grey, green and  brown accents, with white and gold leaves; each of the leaves are cut by hand. Exposed bi dimensional branches to fit small locks. The trunk has a "latch" suitable to fit a lock and the roots also have place to fit locks. 

P L E A S E HAVE IN MIND  🌳  CONTACT US before placing the order


👉Not all trees will look like the one in the picture personalized trees have  DIFFERENT VARIATIONS
IF YOU WANT IT SIMILAR to the one in the picture,  Write me a note I will try my best.


👉PLAN ahead before ordeing for tree order WE do not TAKE rush ORDERS in this size takes APPROXIMATELY 4 to 8 weeks.


Polymer clay tree Sculpture; reinforced with wire structure to support  iron locks.



30'' x 30'' inch wood base. 

  • THE TREE (Not including the base) A long vertical tree measurements are: 28'' x 28" Approximately
  • BRANCHES (10) the customer will choose  how many branches will  hold locks   

11 inches wide X 10 tall approximately COLOR :gold gray and white leaves 
The branches are suitable to fit small small locks measuring 1.5 inch


  • TRUNK 

3 1/2 inches wide x 10 inches tall Approximately. The trunk will have a "latch" suitable to fit a Lock up to 3.5" tall x 2" wide x 3/4" deep COLOR: silver and gray 
*Your Initials will be carved on the trunk they will be on top of the latch.


11 inches wide X 6 inches tall Approximately. COLOR: silver and gray 
The roots are suitable to fit small small locks measuring 1.5 inch



👉A PROVISIONAL frame is provided to protect the piece ( we are not framing experts is just to protect the piece during shipping). 

👉THE ITEM WILL ONLY BE SHIPPED BY Fed ex Ground USA (Prices may vary at the time of shipment **FED EX Policy**)


International orders please

    👉CONTACT US  before placing the order SHIPPING IS through FED EX (Prices may vary at the time of shipment **FED EX  Policy**



SKU: family tree personalized
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