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Ten inspirational quotes that will make you smile


Here are the motivational quotes that made a twist to my artwork . . .

Motivation . . . Every human is moved by motivation; Inspired, illuminated by someone or something. 

I started painting motivational phrases after calling  a client;  their answering machine  played  this message :"Change your thoughts and you will change your world" a inspirational quote  by Norman Vincent Peale

At that same moment, I grabbed my art supplies and transformed a blank canvas into a motivational art quote, to display in my art space.  This positive quote and its inspirational message is very profound ;The encouraging motivational quote had me thinking, of translating the positive messages like this one  into colorful art for your walls. Creating my own typography; Out of my hieroglyphic (hehehe) handwriting.

Since then: spreading these words of wisdom have been my inspiration. Creating these unique pieces. Inspirational quotes are hand painted in a bright color palette to make these phrases memorable and others in black and white to match any home decor style.

Ten inspirational quotes that will make you smile

The result of all that motivation are art quotes painted in bright colors; That everyone loves to have displayed on their walls at home or work, inspiring and motivating them daily.

Keeping in mind that not everyone lives in a big home had to shorten some of the positive quotes  to fit the nine inches by twelve inches canvas. That fit anywhere from a desk to a small wall on the hall. The originals were sold at the art fairs that we participated in, but everyone can acquire a copy of my prints online. Some originals are available online too. Prints are enhance digitally to minimize the texture of the canvas.

We have fun in our home studio while working on your favorite quote and adding splashes of your favorite colors.

Believe: The secret of the mind lies its thoughts, this is extremely powerful;  your thoughts become what you  want to achieve in life.

Thanks for reading !


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