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Fall decor do  it  yourself upcycling, A simple upcycling project to decorate your home during fall season.  Created with basically no costs material, very easy    beginners  craft project  . . .   Materials: 1 - Slats of a broken  wooden box 2 - 3/4 nails  3 - acrylic paint 4 - template(optional) 5 - colored thread 6 - hammer Set two (red) slats centered across  the other six (yellow) slats; Use  four  nails per slats to  secure them   together. You should obtain this result;  a plain canvas y ou can paint  it another color if you wish.  But the slats that are  used in this fall decor D I Y  had the perfect colors that  where needed for  fall the theme. If your are using a template  put it in your desired location  using tape to hold it down. Then trace your   design striking your nails  around the shape with the hammer. In this upcycling, the design  was painted on to the wood using acrylic paint.  It really depends on yo

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