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Art for sale An explosion of creative juices, color theory collides with a surface medium, resulting  as series of paintings,  collages and crafts that are inspired in our little universe.   All scrabble of my imagination. That is meant for you to admire and to help your mind wander into a faraway land where it can be free for a while.  All this art captures the vast emotions of my heart; Translated onto a palpable and functional pieces. - Eileen A. Art   Available art include pieces from the Beings of light series, One with the Universe Series,  Bohemian cells series    Tree Series; Also individual paintings.  This page is constantly evolving. Upcoming series to be posted: Within   Nature and   Mini collages Beings of light series :  JOY  Mixed Media 30" X 30"  $750 shipping included  USA Only   Beings of light series :  OM  Mixed Media 30" X 30"                 $750 shipping included  USA Only LEONELLE Mixed Media 30" X 24"  $350 shipping included  US

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