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"The tree of life is a symbol for harmony; A sacred representation of the union between  man and nature." 

These enchanting trees are hand carved with polymer clay as the main material. All our trees of life are executed with similar details to a real tree. The bi dimensional sculpture  tree is finished with high quality acrylics and  fasten to the stained wood  background.

Love Locks Tree

Handmade for your wedding day. It's a unique unity ceremony item that only few people in the world have ; The love locks tree is a memory that will last a lifetime.


D And J wedding tree

Wedding ceremony tree of life

Family Tree E & M

Family tree

mini tree eileen a art

Mini trees

wynwood fine art gallery eilee a art_edited
Wedding tree eileenaart

Wedding Tree

tree of life eileenaart
family tree

Personalized family trees

Love locks tree eileen A art original sculpture

Love locks tree

M&N  lovelockstree eileenaart

Wedding Anniversary tree

Large scale Wedding tree

maried couple tree example eileenaart

Love locks wedding tree

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