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Visual Artist Not a Painter

The action of painting can be performed by the most unskilled person, a child or an adult… To be an Artist does not equal to be a painter.

Recently I visited a gallery store to ask how can I be part of their collection and the attendant ( who seemed to be the owner) asked me; What do you paint ? Instantly my brain exploded in to micro Mad Face Emojis 😡😡😡 . Sorry sir but Iam an ARTIST, NOT A PAINTER.

Photo credits Irreversible Projects

I went in there to offer the Tree of life fine art collection; Made with a material commonly used for crafting, it was a great fit for his gallery. He gave me his business card and told me to email him my portfolio… when I got home, decided not to send him my art submission because of his restricted perception of the arts. You can not encase art just to the painting medium, otherwise creativity will be limited and boring!

​Photo credits Irreversible Projects/Noor Blacekovic

Photo credits Irreversible Projects/Noor Blacekovic

Art is a visual form of expression ; But IT IS not limited to the commonly known drawing, painting. ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, crafts, photography, video, film making, industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design and decorative art , architecture and you will see the list go on.

The act of creating art will always involve painting or coloring but it is not limited to a flat canvas surface. Creatives bring our minds to a natural instinctive state that liberate us from the monotonous daily life.

Photo credits Irreversible Projects/Noor Blacekovic

earth without art is just eh! by eileenaart

YOU are invited to get lost in art.

Thanks for reading. #art #artdefinition #artist #pointofview #fineart #irreversibleprojects #artgallery #artblog

#art #artgallery #pointofview #artist #irreversibleprojects #artblog #artdefinition

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