Upcycling, recycling and art

“Were most of people see trash; Artists see possibility” – Eileen A

“Up-cycling and re-cycling both have the same principle; To reuse the material but the processing of the material is different.”

Before we talk about up-cycling let’s learn the difference between recycling and up-upcycling. 

Recycling is the process to change material waste into a new product preventing to waste useful material and reducing consumption of raw material. For example: melting a few glass bottles to create a vase for flowers. 

Up-cycling  is to  reuse a discarded object or material to create a new product. This is form of reusing materials is mostly used by artisans and crafters but it is simple enough to be achieved by anyone

Artist just need a spark of imagination to create, we reinvent the world around us, using what we have available; Expensive art materials are not necessary to make art. 

Upcycling  permits  to lower costs for crafters. For example those of you who have seen our booth at art fairs or festival  have seen we carry a very affordable artwork pieces that are painted on recycled material. Here some examples of the creations using recycled wood panel from a factory:

Painting responsibly  and clean up in the studio:

  1. Old shirts for cleaning the paint of the brushes. when they are full of paint I reuse them to upholster upcycled furniture that are sold on our  local markets.

  2. Dedicated pots of  pothos plants to dispose the water used from the cleaning brush, and no they are not dead, acrylic is non toxic but contains polymers that should not go to our waste waters. I leave the water for afew days and polymers accumulate at the bottom of the water pot leaving only water and some particles that are harmless to the plant.

  3. Recycled bags from the super market  as a packing material