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Upcycled Vase tutorial

Up-cycled Vase is a rustic craft that will give charm to any space or decoration give it a try. 

It will only take fifteen minutes. Any vase should serve for this project as long as its purpose is decorative.

Materials and Tools for the Up-cycled Vase:

Vase ( old, purchased at a garage sale or inherited like mine)

Hemp -Cord Scissors –Hot glue gun

PRECAUTIONS: hot glue causes severe burns to the skin, believe me! DO NOT let the HOT GLUE GUN unsupervised or reachable by children

Place a dot of glue on the up-cycled vase and glue the hemp cord to the base of the up-cycled vase and start wrapping in one direction this only applies to the base );  placing glue along the way in about each of the cords .

When you have covered half of the up-cycled vase, start wrapping  the other way around; placing glue along the way in about each of the cords trying to make them invisible by gluing another cord on top ( this is to secure the wrapping of the cord  to the up-cycled vase so it won’t fall later).

All Should be ready in about fifteen to twenty minutes depending on your craft skill level.

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