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String art Portrait series

 String art is considerded a popular craft; mostly  used at schools  as an educational activity  to reinforce math concepts. in my case i do it for the love of creating unique pieces.

Sophia mixed media by eileenaart

On December 2014 I started working with string art  mixed media as a side income making shapes, icons, fan art and personalized names…

In 2015  “Sophia” the artwork shown in the picture above was born; Then, I fell in love with the wonderful idea of completing a series of portraits employing mixed media and string art;  Capturing some of the face natural expressions. Including the most popular faces : Happiness, Sadness, fear, anger, seduction, surprise, shame, confusion, And others like  madness, discontent, calm, intrigue or any other expression that captivates my imagination.

string art  portrait series by eileenaart
string art  portrait series by eileenaart

string art  portrait series by eileenaart

portrait series eileenaart

It was until 2017,  after several bumps on my road that was able to start completing bit by bit a series of single faces.  Starting with the piece “Portrait of a unknow woman” a delicate face made with oil pastels, acrylics on wood finished with the  string art technique.


Respect the beard was a almost a spontaneous piece. One day I was looking at faces for inspiration, and there he was with the perfect face expresion; For the next string art portrait.  A selfie of a red headed bearded guy  with a deep look in his eyes. It felt like he was  looking at me in the eyes. His eyes were the inspiration for this portrait.

string art  portrait series by eileenaart

If in a future this tecqunique becomes a series, the goal is to create a collection of ten to twelve mixed media pieces. I will continue daily in my quick sketches.

Please come back any time to see more of my artsy life or subscribe for update, thanks for stopping by.

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