Street Art -Miami

Street Art the Hottest art movement on the planet; A visit to the Wynwood Art district in Miami where the street art burns.

Sunday morning was not like any other Sunday morning , we woke up early! To prepare the snack cooler for our family  trip, filling it up  with fruits, milk, juices, fruit bars and water. To go on the quest of art appreciation to the Wynwood Art district in Miami. A trip  for the enjoyment of my family and you;  our blog readers.

Surprisingly were departed on time, not typical in our family we planned to be there at 10:00 am  but we arrived half hour early, there was no traffic in Florida  I-95. While traveling, before we got to the art district we saw a building on I- 95 that has a giant murals of musicians.

We started our street art tour at the NW 36 street, to our surprise alternative called Design Blvd / Borinquen Blvd (Borinken or Borinquen was the native name of Puerto Rico, the caribbean island where I was born). Wynwood Art District neighborhood has over 70 galleries, museums and art collections.

The second Saturday  every month, is when  the official  “ArtWalk” happens in Wynwood, and the art galleries and studios open their doors to the public for viewing. 

 The Wynwood art district is a palette of bright colors that expresses the interest, emotions and the daily life of the muralists .

It takes more than few  hours to walk the district, so we made half of the walk in the car letting our girls to take a rest from the sun. THe best time to do the art walk is during the afternoon after the miami’s sun is not hitting that hard.

Every weekend wyndwood is the place to be either if you are local or just visiting.  Prepare to be amazed by the skills of the streets art muralists. To bad that the street art do not a permanent exhibit; This Murals are curated and  updated annually featuring some of the worlds most renowned street artists.

The Street art and graffiti murals around the district are amazingso … be sure to subscribe to get the link to our album and their updates.

On a weekly basis we sell our creations at Wynwood art district, If a mural changes we have our camera ready to share with those who can’t visit Wynwood in person !!!

Our booth  AT WYNWOOD follow us!

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