Stamp Tutorial

Learn how to create your own stamp.

Following this easy tutorial , you will carve a custom made stamp.

It’s fun and easy to make, great for all crafting levels, achieving a unique touch to all your stamping supplies.


Stamp Tutorial by eileen a art

  1. linoleum block

  2. linoleum cutter set

  3. utility knife glue

  4. a small piece of wood

Note: Linoleum blocks come for different ink mediums (example for water based acrylics etcetera) decide which one are you going to be using. The easiest way to carve your stamp is to acquire a linoleum carving set this set contains all for beginners

Stamp Tutorial

Having all your materials ready; Cut the piece of linoleum to the exact size of the wood that you are going to use to glue your stamp IMPORTANT: Mirror image If your Stamp design is going to have a word or letters; Have in mind that they have to be drawn mirror image position, otherwise word on the stamp will print out the wrong way.

Stamp Tutorial

Start by drawing the shape, pattern or image directly on the linoleum, you can draw it to a paper or if you are writing letters print them,then transfer it to the linoleum. I wanted to create a handmade look for my stamp so I wrote my own letters.