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Recycled Project for Earth Day

Recycled Project for Earth Day

This project took three days to make. The material used were found in the trash. The earth craves for more artsy magical hands that can turn trash to treasure.

The materials used for this project where :

  1. A unfinished drawer,  found in the cabinet maker dumpster.

  2. Reclaimed wood from a commercial display.

  3. Packing foam from car parts.

  4. Foam from discarded packing materials.

  5. Eco friendly white glue.

  6. Fabric remnant

Already owned materials

  1. Acrylic paint

  2. acrylic string

  3. fabric embellishments

Earth day is every day!

I had an awesome time making this recycled project for earth’s Anniversary. Can’t wait to gather other materials from trash to turn them into a treasure.

Thank you for stopping by, Have fun and create!


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