Simple tutorial on how to make a prop for your next event . Props can be  used in birthdays or friends gathering, you name your event, make it special create your own props. Make your event be remembered in a Fun Way! 

Recently A client asked me to make  for her, several props of different themes for her upcoming new home base business; Capture Pod photo booth rental Lumi Pod She send me  by e-mail several examples of what she wanted for her upcoming events.  For hers I was planning to use use new material; But when I presented her to the idea of reducing cost by reusing carton she was happy with it and decided to use it as well .. You know me for reusing and up-cycling and as the base material that we are going to use is a box.  Prop Tutorial:  This prop  is one of the basics on photo booths, L I P S.  Lets get to it!  Gather your materials. I always have mine close to my work table,  in our dining spot  our handmade farm table. It has scratches, paint and the hand print of all my projects. 

 Disassemble your box, when cutting use a cutting board under or a  another piece of cardboard, so your don’t scratch your work surface

                   Draw the desired shape, make it double.

 You will need one piece for the front and one for the back.

Choose your color, lips can be any color, but always use what I have at hand.

eileenaart lip props

If you are a professional photo booth and you want unique props, I will  have them them customized for you. Bring in your ideas.

Just add a  few finishing details.

 Let them dry well.  For a day if possible, 

put them in a place that nobody will touch the wet  texture. 

This are some exclusive design props

for Lumi pod photo booth

HAVE FUN AND CREATE! new Etsy.Mini(5197387, ‘thumbnail’, 4, 3, 0, ‘’);