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Portrait of a Unknown Woman

“Portrait  of an Unknown Woman” mixed media artwork inspired in Frida Kahlo paintings…  be the judge.

Seems like lately everyone all over the web has an obsession with Frida Kahlo paintings and portraits. So I decided to use it as inspiration to continue the string art portrait series. 

Oil pastels are a versatile but challenging medium you can add layers easily but the only way to blending that gives a smooth finish is your finger.

Within a few hours of work, the first stage of the portrait was completed. The portrait is not supposed to be similar to Frida Kahlo work, the color in her painting is what inspired the portrait. Colors that were altered to create a bold statement and match my own art style.

Half inch nails that were hammered into the plywood using flat pliers. It took me two weeks to finish because the small nails delayed the process.

After all, I was not completely satisfied with the result. But I have other portraits to work on and take this technique to perfection.

Be the judge of this art piece leave your comments… Thanks for stopping by.

“Portrait of a Unknown Woman” mixed media artwork inspired in Frieda Kahlo painting

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