Photography and Light

Photography and Light experimental.exploring how light affects homemade photography.  Using my newly homemade light reflector. 

I would love to have professional lighting equipment to take the pictures for my Etsy shop and this blog. And the exact equipment including the pro camera that I desire costs more than few thousand  dollars. Since I’m not ready to spend that amount on equipment,  I have to go with natural light from my windows. 

A fellow artist once mentioned that the “Best light to paint and take pictures comes from a north facing window”. The experimental pictures are based on that thought.

This has its disadvantages, if it’s a day like today that 

 had to rain,  the light from my window is not the best to take pictures, but nothing can stop my experimental. I’m going to use one of my hand painted martini glassware as the subject for the experiment. This hand painted martini glasses will be available soon at my Etsy shop.

Took my first picture at 8 am in a  northern exposed window, with the subject set on a white textured  background;made out of cardboard and acrylic paint. Camera setting ISO 400. The background setting was facing East, clouds in the sky blocking the morning light. No change even when the reflector was used. 

 I planned to take pictures every hour  but my kids woke up and were around hungry for pancakes  time so it delay me twenty four minutes. There was very significant change of light the clouds went away and the morning light shining bright through the windows.