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Pantone Color of the year 2020

pantone color  classic blue
Abstract art using tomes of classic blue

Each year the Pantone Color institute chooses a color that will be the trend incorporated by artist and designers all over the globe throughout the year.

The color is not chosen by playing roulette, the decision on making the specific shade of color the predominant color for the year, is based on a complicated thoughtful process that considers trends and other influences such as art, lifestyles, politics etcetera.

This year, color variety has universal popularity amongst humans and inspires qualities of steadiness and reliability. This year Pantone color #19-4052 “Classic blue”

Pantone color #19-4052 “Classic blue”
String art flowers Classic blue

10 facts of Blue

  1. Blue is one of the three primary colors

  2. Historically blue was one of the most expensive pigments for artists, they were made from minerals such as lapis lazuli, cobalt and azurite. Today blue pigments and dyes are mostly made from chemical processes.

  3. Wearing blue reassures confidence, connection and helps you to express yourself clearly .

  4. Classic Blue is a color that evokes the calmness of the place where sky meets the sea.

  5. The blues that are found in the sea and sky help the mind to unwind, freeing itself from the normal activities.

  6. Blue can help calm down agitated states.

  7. Peace, compassion and understanding are associated with blue.

  8. Blue is the least common color of the foods we eat.

  9. Writing your notes or speech in a blue paper will help you to memorize it faster.

  10. In some cultures blue is a unlucky color.

art with pantone color
Using Pantone #194052

What do you think about going back to a plain and simple “Classic Blue”? Leave your thoughts and thanks for reading.


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