Painting Stories:Sunflowers

Painting Stories: Sunflowers

 Sunflowers can brighten any room and make anyone smile but disappointingly they only last for five to twelve days; The sunflower splendor have inspired artists of every medium throughout history.  Portraying this beautiful flower splendor  and making them lasts for a lifetime.

Red sunflower  still life 2000 eileenaart

I ve been painting and drawing sunflowers since I started my formal visual art studies;  sunflowers have inspired me with happiness, too bad that i don’t have all the pictures sunflowers to show you.

Picture collage eileenaart

“A sunflower faces towards the sky as the sun it crosses  from east to west. Inspiring my painting, not just for their beauty but for the  happiness it radiates” – Eileen A. Art

Vincent van Gogh, one of my favorite masters, has a series of paintings favorited by everyone  inspired by sunflowers. His first group of sunflower paintings was created while living in Paris in 1887. He also painted a second series of sunflowers , which are more famous than the previous; Sunflowers in vases, in Arles, Southern France, in 1888-89. Below one of my sunflower studies, inspired on one of  Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower on vases paintings.