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Painting Stories: Earth Angel

“Being able to express thoughts in color is of my life best loved pleasures .” – Eileen A Art

As I was in the process of studying my degree in visual art in 1995, our professors wanted for us to experiment the entire spectrum of making a painting from scratch.  So they gave us the exercise to cut wood, pull and staple and put together our own canvases. But they did not make it easy for us the challenge was big. This particular canvas  wasn’t easy to stretch because of its large format sixty inches by forty eight inches;  we worked as one to achieve our goal and to finally start with our painting.

” If you want to master painting, you have to experience the whole task from  making the canvas to finishing you piece”

“Angel de la tierra” (angel of earth) was one of my first mixed media paintings.  Depicting the painting with acrylic medium, oil pastel, and paper. The painting has no main color selection. this painting was purely experimental.

The painting theme: we do not have supernatural powers as supposedly angels have, but that we can act as “angels” when there is someone in need regardless what “erroneous actions” (as society dictates)  you committed in the past; We are all capable of being a balanced being  and do what needs to be done in when  the moment calls for action. The painting “Angel de la tierra” Mixed media on canvas 1995  60″x 48″  was SOLD

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