Painting for myself

In a beautiful Florida spring morning,  I grabbed my bike and went on my daily bike ride. As I was coming home I had to stop suddenly; And there on the middle of the curbside laid a huge canvas that, for sure, fell from the garbage truck. Seemed that one of my neighbors had tossed it out; Maybe they did not like the colors anymore or maybe they changed their art style to a more contemporary one. The big 60″X 60″ canvas had the back support  broken, but for my versatile hands it was an easy  fix. So happy with the canvas that I can repurpose, but at same time and thinking to  “How am I going to carry this canvas home? A canvas was almost as tall as me and I had my bike with me as well. So there I was walking back home with that monstrous canvas and the bike. Can you imagine that picture? Those fifteen minutes walking back home seemed endless. Having to stop several times to adjust the weight of the canvas on the bikes pedals so it was easy  for me to carry, Oh, yeah! I finally got home and all that sweat was worth.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure …” – Yotam Ottolenghi

The huge canvas was laying around  for months, waiting for the inspiration to strike.  So I woke up one morning motivated to paint such that huge piece but with no idea  whatsoever of what to paint,  then decided that I was going to make this  this huge painting for me.