Not your Grandmas String art!

Not your Grandma’s String art!

Eileen A art fuses a retro technique with modern mediums.  Mixed media is incorporated into the background instead of the traditional fabric that was used in 1970 for the traditional string art craft.

Our string art designs can be made to order;  Are you ready to incorporate 3-d art to your home decor?

String art is a fun craft that allows the creation of bold colorful names, icons, figures, and portraits.

Back in 2014 string art made a comeback to home decor.  At that time I started making string art by the commission and since then, this self instructed skill has been incorporated into my mixed media pieces – Eileen A.

String art quotes; Is a fun mixed media that easily blends with your space. 

​String art is an all-ages friendly do it yourself project; But if you are not handy to create your own custom wall decor from scratch; No problem, we got your back! We will cut the wood, paint the background, grab a hammer, some nails, and your choice colorful strings to create your custom piece.

Participate or have a string art workshop at home for your event or gathering. See our string art workshops in Orlando Fl

“Portrait of an Unknown Woman” a mixed media artwork; Be the judge. . .keep reading

“True love love is like a beard, it never ends it only grows”. . .keep reading

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