Imaginarium; Everything art show

Imaginarium art show is a curated art show that exhibits the work  of  Central Florida emerging artists.

Recycled art

The Imaginarium Art Show  is  curated by Jason L. Lee  owner of  Art Hubs LLC. who strives on curating commercial, residential spaces and also organizes events for artists to show and sell their artwork.  Jason’s  genuine interest for the artists and the artist community moves him to  promote  local artists and integrate them  to the community.

Artwork Anywhere

Artwork Anywhere

Imaginarium Art Show is held at Chapman Leonard studios and  its free and open to the public.  The Artworks of  the permanent exhibit rotates every 3 months. It  includes art from different mediums like painting, mixed media, recycle art, wall sculpture etc.

Each themed exhibit gives a opportunity to all the artist that want to participate in a group exhibit for the first time; The exhibit  its free of charge for the artist. The one we are showing in this post it’s called “The Everything Art Show”

Mari Cruz

Below pictures of my Bohemian cells series paintings, mixed media string art and my unique bi dimensional sculptures the Love Locks trees; I am just a artist  who loves to have fun and create! -Eileen A Art

Eileen A Art

Eileen A Art

Thanks for reading!

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Eileen A art -eileen- eileen a vicenty- eileen a martinez- eileenaart - eileen a

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Eileen A art -eileen- eileen a vicenty- eileena martinez- eileenaart @eileenaart

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