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Horrible Year Shirt

Despite the things that are happening around us we should focus on things we can control and leave the rest to go away by itself. 

So, one day between thoughts; Inspiration striked me; Quickly grabbed  a sticky note and drafted a quick sketch of the overwhelming feeling of wearing a mask all day. 

The followings are the explanations of the elements in the design:

  1. At the bottom the date of the Notorious year 2020; The year that no generation will forget. One of the ceros in the date is  my artist logo signature.

  2. The human being with eyes closed is part of the series OM girls(all the drawings of  OM girls series have their eyes closes looking to the inside of the self.  For the Horrible year Shirt the meaning  of the closed eyes represents; the time of quarantine at the beginning of  March; time that many of us used to reflect into the modern life that we are living now. 

  3. The mask that is located at the center of the design,  The generic face of the people; The protagonist of this “plan-demic ”  inspired in a N95 respirator with double filter.  

  1. The waving hair resembles the uncertainty of the upcoming future  with many paths for ourselves.

  2. Last but not least the title: horrible year, which is in latin “Annus Horribilis” just to be out of the ordinary.

After making this shirt,  I went back to my roots of screen printing and added to my collection  of  printed shirts a line  that include, Womens underwear with sexy quotes  for everyday use, they came out so fun. You should see in our shop.

Hey Wait !

Before you go watch our video of the printing enjoy thanks for reading

horrible year shirt


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