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Home Based Business

Most of home based business come from something that the person loves to do. Consider this type of business as your declaration of independence, A  home based business let you  set your own hours;   “It is satisfying to work in your pajamas, Ooh yes!” 

You will be doing all from the comfort of your own home; other benefits for those who have children you can have your kids around and still do what you love and earn money.

Any home business requires discipline for the business  to succeed. If your don’t have the discipline to manage yourself on a daily basis; a home based business is not for you.   Be ready to set time limits to balance your business with your family life. This is very important be ready to leave your home office after a eight hour work day. This hours can vary as you set your own hours at your home based business. 

Some of the advantages are:

A flexible lifestyle 

Family integration 

Cost-savings on child care.

Lower start-up and operating costs.

No commuting.

Outlet for creative and unique talents.

Home business have some disadvantages:

Lack of social contacts or opportunities to network.

Limited space, inhibiting growth potential for the business and for family use.

To mention a few of the scams out there here is a quick list :

Envelope Stuffing 

“Make Money Fast” Chain Letters/Emails

Multi-Level Marketing 

Typing At Home

“A List of Companies Looking for Homeworkers!”

Email Processing

Medical Billing

Craft Assembly

 Checking in with the better business bureau (BBB) will be the first step of knowing if the businesses are legit. 

If you decide to start a business from home it is recommended  to plan it and do it gradually starting in your spare time. Or in most cases with a low investment you can start your business right away.

Some examples of real home made business are:

Art classes 




Franchise Photo Booth Service

Dog daycare

Child day care

Baby sitter



Become web seller Computer repair

Cake and cookie baking

Decorating services

Patio maintenance

 Jewelry Making  

Home painting Services


Merchandiser Upcycler

Few basic things to get your home based business established :   Register your home based business as a LLC or Corp, Get a EIN, Tax collector Id etcetera.  OR Work as self employed  And yes your will be responsible for doing your taxes be prepared to save every expense in a secure location for 3 years or more.

Home based business include other responsibilities that you must need guidance.  Here are some Helpful resources links to get you started on the adventure of your home based  business.


Hope this have been helpful to get you started in your life as entrepreneur; Thanks for reading  


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