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Hanging small artwork the easy way

This post demonstrates how to hang small canvases. It’s a super easy way and inexpensive too. It will take no effort, before we get to that lets state some general  rules to hang artwork

  1. Hang artwork by its center. Determine the center point of the wall and calculate the height you want to display your pieces. If want to hang your art work like most galleries do use your eye level, that is about 56 to 58 inches in  height. Well it all depends on your height.

  2. When hanging art close to furniture it should  6 to  8 inches above. 

  3. Treat multiple works of art as whole unit  Group pictures together  and select those of similar sizes, themes and colors.

  4. Either way  the most important rule of all is : Make sure the hangers can support the weight of the artwork.

There are many techniques and simple tools like painters tape or a pencil will help to perfectly hang that precious art on your wall.

Measuring tapeWall laser 360-degree rotating wall attachment or box levelDrill and drill bitsWall anchors with screwsArt hanging kit 

Now that we know  some general  rules of how to hang artwork lets get to our method for small canvases.

Compose your artful grid canvases on the floor and group them together  and select those of similar colors. you can also repeat a pattern of one predominant color.

Look at the back of the canvas and  find the extra fabric that the canvas has on the back. Place  two thumb tacks on the extra fabric on each side of the small canvas

Using the level, make sure that the canvas is straight and gently, push the canvas into the wall. Repeat the process over and over again at a slow pace, until you complete your composition. 

Thanks for reading!

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