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Funny Underwear Gift ideas

Everything is not what it seems,  sometimes good ideas come during times where you are out of your comfort zone.  This takes part in the story behind the making of the funny underwear.

Funny Underwear Gift ideas

One day  during  this annus horribilis year; I was chatting on the phone with one of my artist buddies we talked  how hard and financially challenging was 2020 for us as a self made artist and  micro business owners. 

In this completely honest conversation he expressed sandly that he was not making more art for the year, that he had lack of inspiration;  But that he should be prepared with inventory ( prints and enhanced prints) for when the festivals and markets open again. That he should find an extra source of income, while all this goes back to “normal” and that how smart and “lucky” was for  having part time  job during this crisis.

Funny Underwear Gift ideas

During this sad and unpleasant conversation with my friend, I looked back to what I was doing with my artwork; thought that I should finish the two paintings that was working on and move on with more commercial art (believe me as a creative soul is the least thing  that pleases me, but  family  needs my back up).  

While hearing his voice in the background complaining and whining about the situation; I said to myself,   handwritten quotes in mini canvases is a commercial thing that I already work with so why not to change the canvas surface; And in the blink of an eye the concept  of a funny  quote in a piece of underwear came to be.

Funny underwear to use on a daily basis to be sexy with yourself and your life partner. Some quotes are funny and others motivational but sexy enough for you and your lover to laugh and have a fun time.

Funny Underwear Gift ideas

The inspiration  how this idea came to be is not amusing at all, but listening to your inner voice always works. Guess my friend will find a new way to overcome this situation and I’m always here to cheer him up; that what friend are for.

Funny Underwear Gift ideas

Positive Vibes Quotes Positive vibes only $12.00 USD Do more of what makes you happy $12.00 USD Happiness comes from within $12.00 USD Wake up be kind repeat… $12.00 USD Ask believe receive $12.00 USD Yes you can $12.00 USD Do your thing $12.00 USD Follow you arrow $12.00 USD Color Beige Pink Ligth pink White Purple Gray

Quote Emergency Pull Down $12.00 USD Schedule Service Due $12.00 USD 5 Star Service $12.00 USD I Come Bearing Gifts $12.00 USD Oral skills wanted $12.00 USD Sevice Engine Soon $12.00 USD It not going To Lick Itself $12.00 USD Open For Business $12.00 USD Conquer from within $12.00 USD Emergency Entrance $12.00 USD Color Beige Pink Ligth pink White Purple Gray

 Thanks for reading have fun and create!


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