DIY: Jewelry Display II

Visit this link to see Part One   Diy Jewelry display 

Five  to ten  minutes to cut with a high speed power tool and twenty more  minutes to sand, paint and attach the stand.

Once we finished cutting out the display shape shape we will proceed to finish our display. The display can be painted or upholstered. I opted to paint the display.

Step one  Sand the edges to acquire a smooth finish, use a 120 grain sand paper

Step 2

Following our previously discussed safety measures proceed to cut the base of the jewelry stand; you will need 3 pieces: 4 inches by 2 inches 10 by 2 inches 3/4 inch by 2 inches

Follow by gluing them to the body of your DIY Jewelry display base. 

DIY Jewelry Display

Clean the excess of glue

Following the directions of the glue, wait for it to dry as required, before standing it vertically.

DIY Jewelry Display

Step 3

Spray paint and its ready to use

Note: Utilize a paint that has primer, it saves you time!

Thanks for reading our  blog;  HAVE FUN AND CREATE!

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