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COVID -19 Non Essential Business struggle

When you decide to step out of the ordinary work schedules to earn money with your passion; It has to be very clear in your mind that as an entrepreneur it will be possible but not easy all the time.

Since 2014 proudly located in Florida and working from home; it has been a interesting journey with victories and down turns; But never imagined that an event of this magnitude could take place and like many small business we were not prepared. With pain in our hearts for the first two weeks of COVID-19 the world seemed like a dark place, but we maintained our positive attitude and a smile on our face to continue the journey in this uncertain future.

eileen a art festival, market outdoor events

Running our small business during this pandemic is challenging since 80 percent of our sales occur during outdoor events, markets and fairs.

The struggle to stay afloat as COVID-19 rages through our economy its real. Our online sales still goin but shipping is delayed for out of Florida orders for more than 4 weeks. So, no rush orders for now.

This is our passion and deserves to be seen, I’m saying this in behalf of all the micro businesses like mine We love to share inspiration through our creations, so I made a little video presentation for you and for my fellow creatives not to lose their hope in their work and to keep their dreams alive.

Enjoy our video and thanks for stopping by


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