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Color of the year

Color of the year

Welcome to a new color palette that flows through the year with ease. This cheerful inspiring color brings the spirit of nature, inside your home.

Pantone Color trend of 2019 is: live coral. A revitalizing color that evokes fun days of summer breeze and beach retreats.

When you are looking for combinations to transform your home, the simplest way is to observe the world that surrounds us; All in the name of inspiration.

Here are a few examples of how I find the color palettes that will be on my creations: In spite of the fact that, I am a vegetarian I'll be using the color palette of this colorful shrimp plate for a future painting. Live coral, Pantone Color of 2019 shows in different shades in fancy looking shrimp dish.

Ohh!, Nature and its treasures

Live coral is present in romantic sunsets all year long.

Natural Pantone 16-1546 Live coral is also observed in other subtle shades in ancient rock all over the world.

Pantone Color 16-1546 live coral; Trend of 2019 it will be inspiring many interior designers and artist this year. What do you think about live coral?


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