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Best Seller, So far

Samhain Parade Catrina prints have become one of our best sellers so far. Last night I made a amateur home video for fun and though that I could share it with you.

But before you see it, let me tell you a little bit of the story of behind this enchanting piece.

Many cultures celebrate their ancestors spiritual journey; To honor the ancestor who have gave them their inheritance of knowledge and tradition. A celebration of family and friends gather to honor the memory of their departed love ones.

To me, the Mexican holiday day of the dead is the most eye catching celebration of all …a full of color celebration of life. Catrina’s and Sugar skulls share the altars, that are created in honor of the deceased; filled with their favorite foods and beverages and decorated with marigolds, and other colorful flowers.

A Catrina is ; an elegantly dressed lady skull and another representation of the Catrina is the willingness to laugh at death itself.

Why a Samhain Parade Catrina?

My Catrina walking in a parade of souls, those who come to us in the night where the veil of life and death is broken. She, who proudly walked through life, spreading knowledge, represented by the flower of life on her chin: By being kind and confidently spreading cheer , painted in the two orange flowers around her nose; And her green heart in the forehead showing willing to achieve peace, growth, love herself and others.

Catrina and Eileen

My husband is always trying to convince me to sell the original Samhain Parade Catrina ; I refuse. This artwork represents to me an array of things that are important to achieve in life before we encounter death.

Plus she is one of my favorite pieces and I have to keep some art work for myself

Thanks for reading this blog post here is the video link hope you enjoy it as much as I did making this artwork.

Have fun and create Eileen A.


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