Artist Collaboration

Artist Collaboration are creative explorations that fuel mutual respect between two or more artists of any discipline, toward the creation of a powerful experience with a  common idea. Working on an artists collaboration is a great  learning experience…

Artist Collaboration as far as history shows started in the early 20th century.  With collaborative art groups movements like  Dada an artistic and literary movement and Fluxus  an international network of artists, composers and designers bringing together different artistic media and disciplines.

Collaborative art can be a simple or complex;  Good examples of art collaboration can be seen in movies where films, theater and music come together in a great collaboration that it’s almost inseparable.  Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat controversial paintings other art collaboration examples. rosie rios artia designs

After this brief review of the art collaboration  let’s go to the story behind  this fashion – art collaboration. One day while looking through Instagram; I found a beautiful painted clutch from a local artist  and quickly contacted my friend Rosie Rios, the talented  artisan behind Artia Designs who is dedicated to high end -handcrafted accessories for women .

We agreed to do an art collaboration. Our mission;  to create a functional art piece.  Art collaboration focuses in  mutual work achieving one idea. art collaboration

A few days after we chose our design theme, the Hamsa hand. Started working on the art collaboration design  letting the creative magic happen. Painting three Hamsa hands designs, in a small four inches by four inches, previously primed canvas fabric. This small canvas were cut in a round shape so it could be incorporated to Artia’s handbags. art collaboration

After sending the small paintings to Rosie she excitedly started wor