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Alive Art Exhibit-Orlando Florida

Alive Art Group exhibit 1 ea-art com

Alive Artist Group is a of artists, curators and supporters who work together to support and promote the work of every member. Through creating art exhibits, networking, marketing, educational workshops, advocacy, and collaborative works, this will make a difference and a positive impact in our art community.

Alive Art Group Exhibit Orlando Florida 2018

The Alive art exhibit was established in 2018 by Raysa Molina. This exhibit  highlighted only 12 central Florida artists for the first exhibit.The purpose of the exhibits is to honor the victims and families of the PULSE tragedy that occurred in Orlando on 2016. using art as a tool for overcoming grief and loss turning these human emotions into healing and hope. 

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In 2019  49  wonderful artists united to participate of the exhibit, each artist created a piece inspired by the feelings of healing, faith, and hope.

Suzanne Oberholtzer, Maria T Gonzalez, Karla M.Gonzalez, Laura Crawford,  Jude Gumbrecht, Jesus Marin, Patty Kaine, Megan Crafword, Lisa Simon, Linda Saracino, Raul Gomez,  Anne Doyle, Carmen Rubio,  Tania M. Torres, Veronica Garcia, SuzAnne Kaltbaum, Michelle Irizarry,  Fania Peña, Jennifer Payne, Raysa Molina, Wilson Romero, Olga Mendez Lopez, Herbie Martin, Crystal Dombrosky, Ev Niewohener, Michelle Ann Lacy, Fernnado Molinares, Cherie Reick, Denise Kirsop , David Martinez Rabadan , Anne Mayer,  Jaime Parra, Scott Holderman, Elsier Avila(Comoroto) Chris Carr, Angee Ferrin, Robert Shirk, Lillian Verkin, Nelson Cardenas, Libby Smith  and Eileen A Vicenty (Martinez)

The Alive Artist Group purpose is to educate and empower the art community by establishing and maintaining programs, art exhibits, and events through the use of arts. We are a network of multi-disciplinary artists united to empower arts, advocate for diversity and fair representation of all form of art, and celebrate the art contribution to our community.

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