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Abstract landscape study


This week I have been going back to my roots of painting semi abstracts. I have chosen the color pallete of the year to make this mixed media studies. Utilizing watercolor , acrylics and gloss medium to obtain transparent glazes with the acrylics and protect the watercolor from getting damaged with water. Creating a semi abstract painting, a contrasting composition of movement and light.

I was listening to a fellow artist blog the other day while working at my studio and he mentioned that people that use eyeglasses can distinguish the contrast of light and shadows better than those who don't. I decided to put it to the test by taking of my glasses and looking at my reference photo while applying paint to the watercolor paper. It turned out great I enjoyed it very much.

The next day I scanned the painting to put it on my web to sell as prints and while cropping the image, an idea of having different version of the painting will also be fun. Then incorporated digital painting to the studies to see how was their out come.I tried the same principle of painting without glasses for the digital studies I have never tried this before because traditional painting is more fun. Here are four of the traditional - digital painting.

Which one is you favorite? please leave your comments and thanks for reading!


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