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3 Reason to Mockup your artwork

Mock-up your artwork; Show, Show, Show.

In manufacturing and engineering,  mock-up are a scale or life size model of a machine or structure, used for design evaluation, instructional or experimental purposes. Mock-ups are applied to system engineering, military, consumer goods, software engineering and architecture.

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Graphic artists utilize mock-ups as a design tool to for new products. This customizable template is arrangement of text and pictures are presented to a prospective client  before printing.

Here are the 3 Reason to Mock-up your artwork

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#1 Helps clients visualize

Using a mock-up is ideal for clients to see how the artwork or design will look on a particular space or  product, before you do a physical production.

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#2 Expose your potential

 Implementing the use of mock-ups, will definitively give a professional appearance to your portfolio or website. Mock ups will expose your clients to your skills full potential.

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#3 Boost your opportunity

Showing your clients their vision with mock-ups, is an extraordinary way to show your capacity to take on a project; Their use will boost your opportunity to make your business grow.

Mock-ups let you showcase your projects without any out of pocket expense. 

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Here are some websites links that provide free mock-ups customizable templates                              that you can use for free on your next presentation

MockupCloud - Premium & Free Mockup Templates

Thanks for reading!

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