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Restless Mind Series

"Zero" restless mind series by Eileenaart

Have you found yourself in the the crossroad of overwhelming consistent thoughts; Have this ever happen to you?

Thinking so much sequentially and simultaneously.

Let me tell you: That has a name, It is called the restless mind syndrome.

Yes, it happened to me during the summer time of this past year. It was truly annoying experience for me. I was jumpy, woke up in the middle of the night thinking of many projects ahead, my artsy mind was a overwhelming thinker.

I read in an article that this syndrome has many other symptoms and that some people have to use medication. But that is a No No for me; I believe that each person is capable of healing themselves without any drugs.

"Zero" restless mind series

One day I was in my work table preparing a textured wood surface as a canvas, mixing paint and with all this ideas and thoughts bothering my mind, trying to make all of them possible at the same time; Suddenly, I shouted out loud "CALLATE! " that is Spanish for SHUT UP! It was very loud and like a magic spell, no more thoughts inside my head. I laughed with tears, because finally my mind went quiet for the first time in days.

That deep silence inside my head flowed into circle shapes color and texture. using the wooden canvas that i was already working and allowed my mind to translate all these thoughts as you can see ( picture top right}.

BURST restless mind series by eileenaart

That was all inside of my busy mind. "Zero" the first painting of my restless mind series. Which It not for sale but have been exhibited recently at Casselberry FL City Hall (for the Hispanic heritage Month) and will continue to exhibit the piece. So other people can see the thoughts in a artist with the restless mind syndrome.

"BURST" is the second painting of the series (picture to the left) I decided to cut my self off. I drastically stopped interacting with people, got disconnected from social media I kept myself to myself.

"So I went back to my roots and planted my self into earth, absorbed the water underneath, inhaled the air from the atmosphere and burst into fire to transform again to self "

-Eileen A Art

DELIGHTFUL l restless mind series by eileenaart

"Delightful " the third painting of the series;. The colors have softened, so it is clear that by this time I was able to flow to the path of tranquility of the mind. "

The inspiration for this abstract took many days of listening to mantras while working in other pieces.

Mantras repetitive sounds that aided my concentration. They are used in meditation, but they also help you to quiet your mind.

Mantras and meditation self help for everyone who is open and able to heal from withing.

"Happy thoughts" restless mind series by eileenaart

The last of the series is "Happy thoughts"

I'm often reluctant to work with pinks just because personally is not my favorite color but sometimes you got to step out of your comfort zone to find happiness and content of the soul.

My experience through this so called restless mid syndrome was short and I allowed myself to heal quickly, translating my loud mind into texture and color.

pantone color 2019  eileen a art

ART IS THERAPY...Share your thoughts.

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