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Pouring Medium Recipe, Everybody Else Is Doing It, Why Can't We?

Pouring medium has become very popular for wall art home decor. This technique is not art by itself, anyone can do this; just by following simple instructions rpovided in this tutorail.

Trained artists use this technique to create mostly backgrounds for abstract art pieces, but the difference from the commercial flowing art, it a fine art piece uses color theory an paint density to out stand

As versatile artists,we got to keep with the trends on popular demand to make a living just because this is what we were born to do.

Pouring medium is a quick method to make abstracts and abstracts match perfectly in any home decor.

If you are reading this is because you are amongst the hundreds of curious creative people that what to try making art themselves. So here is a simple acrylic fluid painting tutorial to guide you with the correct paint and flow medium ratios so you can experiment with.

  1. 2 parts of pouring medium ,1 part of paint ,mix both until blended completely.

  2. Add1 part of water and mix again.

  3. Silicone or 3 in1oil,this is the tricky part to create big cells or small cells. Mix in a separate cup.

There is no exact mix to get cell, the cell making part is trial and error. Silicone ,this is the tricky part to create big cells or small cells. Mix in a separate cup.For example drop makes small cells and 10 drops will make more cells and bigger.

  1. When paint mix ready proceed with one of the pouring medium methods or pour as you like.

  • Note: each color has a different density so it is all a process of trial an error. We will this in a future post.discuss

Dirty pouring is adding separate pre-mixed colors onto your canvas in a single puddle randomly across the canvas.

Flip pouring is a mix lots of different colors into a cup and then flipped onto the canvas

A mix of both dirty pouring and flip pouring

So I was not fascinated with the result of one of my paint pouring trials and I decided to transform it into a flowing dream fantasy then Nuelle was born .

Nuelle -pouring medium technique and flow painting- eileenaaart

What are your thoughts?

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