Inheriting a creative legacy of skills from my ancestors: I've driven my creative artsy life with motivation, connecting those skills and the formal study of visual arts. 

Fusing man-made materials; Nails, acrylics, polymers ,yarn paper and  oil pastels  with natures precious wood into one substance, that outcomes in a eclectic, bold and bright object.
This catalyst process of creation , engages a everlasting impression on the collectors daily life. 
Artwork that is kept in public and private collections throughout Puerto Rico, Canada, Greece, Singapore, Italy and United States.

Hello:  I am Eileen A. Art  originally known to my family and friends as Eileen Alexandra Martinez Rivera. Born and raised as a multidisciplinary artist  at the tropical scenario of Puerto Rico.  

 Have fun and Create! my motto, a catalyst impetus of passion. 


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