Local stores

Eileen A. is currently working with local stores showcasing and selling  her art. 

 Each store gets unique original art to sell to their local clientele.  If your store is created by theme we love to make art just for your store. 

If your store desires to create a gift item  with you store logo we can help too.  


Contact us for more information on how can our art can be incorporated to your store.

we work with  your store theme

The lovely shop sells our quotes on canvas and small retro themed string art

Karma Kulture sells our colorful string art specially made to match their store theme.

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Eileen A art -eileen- eileen a vicenty- eileen a martinez- eileenaart - eileen a

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Eileen A art -eileen- eileen a vicenty- eileena martinez- eileenaart @eileenaart

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