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Requesting a creation of a unique piece, for your home or business easy;

To get started on a commissioned painting, please fill the form below and tell me what you have in mind.

Afterward, I will send you an e-mail with basic prices. These prices are based per linear feet and on the complexity and the size of the piece.

If you need help deciding what size canvas that will work best in your space, I can provide a mock-up with different canvas size.

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Personalized  your art with our art commission service. 


FOR YOUR HOME:    Eileen works directly  with you to select the ideal artwork for your home or space, vision and budget. 


logo and web design.

COVER ART WORK: concept artwork, logo ,and merchandise design.

Contact us for a consultation, we will source artwork options for you to review, specifically catered for you.

Personalized Art

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