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Respect the Beard

true love is like a beard
Men have wore beards since the begging of time. Beard act like protective barrier in cold climates, regulating the temperature and facilitation of perspiration a beard also act like sensory organs.So tickle that beard!

Respect the beard by eileen a
The idea of the bearded man came from the saying; that most bearded men use”respect the beard”I found a subject with a very particular beard. It looked trimmed but at the same time wild.

Respect the beard by eileen a
Throughout the course of history, society have influenced attitudes toward male beards. Depending on factors such as; Philosophers , prevailing cultural-religious traditions, the current era’s fashion trends and fear.
As the artistic mind started thinking of what techniques where going to be applied to make the beard; the man that I used as a subject quickly disappeared in thoughts and visualizations and he became a completely different bearded man.

Respect the beard by eileen a
The color palette: I have included pinks yes pink for a man portrait, because pink exist in all pale skin humans; A black beard to create a high contrast with the color of his eyes.

Respect the beard by eileen a
As the process flowed, I stopped coloring the beard and quickly grabbed my string art supplies and substituted the oil pastel hair for black acrylic thread.

Respect the beard by Eileen A. /
With hammer and nails on hand , continued working on the piece making his eyebrows and beard ready for the thread

Respect the beard by Eileen A. /
How many bundles did i used ? I can not certainly tell how many. It took three days and many bundles of thread to complete his beard.

Respect the beard by Eileen A. /
As i was working in the piece a few friends came over and asked me if i had used rug to make his beard. Hand made rug indeed.

Respect the beard by Eileen A. /
Recently this awesome mixed media creation found a home where it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Respect the beard by Eileen A. /
But do not worry I am planning to make more bearded men…I will continue to have fun and create.
Thanks for reading

“True love love is like a beard, 

it never ends it only grows”


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