String art Portrait series

I started working with string art  mixed media on December 2014 as a side income making shapes, icons, fan art and personalized names...

In 2015 Eileen A art created "Sophia" the completed artwork shown in the picture left  was born; Then, I fell in love with the wonderful idea of completing a series of portraits employing mixed media; It was until 2017  after several bumps on my road that I am able to start completing bit by bit this series 

string art  portrait series by eileenaart
Every time that I come across a great facial expression , quickly sketch and some times those faces show up like a vision inside my head drawing them from the bottom of my soul.
string art  portrait series by eileenaart
For this series the goal is to create a collection of ten to twelve  mixed media pieces in various sizes and formats. 

string art  portrait series by eileenaart
 Some of the face natural expressions that this common theme will include  are the most popular faces : Happiness, Sadness, fear, anger, seduction, surprise, shame, confusion.
string art  portrait series by eileenaart
Respect the beard sketch
Respect the beard finished piece SOLD

An others like Neutral,madness discontent calm, intrigue or any other expression that captivates my imagination.
Portrait of a Unknown woman

Samhain Parade Catrina

string art  portrait series by eileenaart
I will continue daily in my quick sketches. Please come back any time to see more or subscribe for updates and please leave your comment which one is your favorite so far  . . . thanks for stopping by.


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