Bohemian Cell Series

Bohemian cells flowing, singing , dancing with their free spirit of happiness.

In between the string art series 
and the tree of life series which consume 
most the time of a creative week.  
I got to keep my painting skills
 and creative juices running. 
This week during a quick 
sketch session these cell like shapes 
appeared of a sudden on the sketch pad.

bohemian cells series  by eileenaart

 Grabbed the most basic colors 
and started doodling 
with the brush on the canvas.

In a explosion of creative juices, 
color theory collided with the canvas

 and the shapes started flowing and floating .

Eileenaart bohemian cell series
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 One painting lead to another,  

keeping the same theme and colors 
in a way that when the paintings 
are placed side by side they are color cohesive.  

bohemian cells series  by eileenaart

If you look deeply into the eyes of a bohemian 

you will see their cells flowing,singing , dancing 

with their free spirit of happiness.

So I  wondered what name 

should be used for this series of paintings. 

My mind whispered :Bohemian Cells  . . .
Why Bohemian cells
Because we thrive in  a bohemian lifestyle; 
Criticized by many  for being unconventional. 
Flowing and with few permanent ties; 
Nature, music, art, literature and spirit.
bohemian cells series  by eileenaart
This is one of my favorite pieces so far

bohemian cells series  by eileenaart

bohemian cells series  by eileenaart

The bohemian Cells Series 
will continue as ideas flow.
Keep up with us; 
Come back again to see more 
of the Bohemian Cell series. . .

Thanks for visiting.



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