Stamp DIY

Stamp DIY

Unique art prints in paper or fabric are possible by creating a stamp. It is a very easy task  for anyone. You can start your art print creation with any commercial printing kit or if you want to save some bucks or  you can do it yourself utilizing household items and materials in this post  are both ways... 

If you are planning to keep on creating with your stamp for art print  it's  recommended  to buy a starter kits are available all over the market for affordable prices you can use any stamp kit or block printing kit to create your own stamp. Generally this kits includes the essentials: lino block,  handle and cutters,  water-soluble block printing ink etcetera.
linoleum stamp
Linoleum Stamp glued to Masonite board and wood.

Draw your shape pattern or image directly on the linoleum having in mind that if the design of your stamp contain letters the have to be drawn mirror image position, otherwise your stamp will print out the wrong way.

After you have finished carving your stamp shape glue it to a Masonite board and wood as shown in the above image; Save your linoleum scraps and make a geometrical random pattern stamp.

linoleum scraps
linoleum scraps

I have created many stamps to launch my hand stamped t-shirt line. Because that gives uniqueness to the shirt although the same stamp is used all over again but it creates a different pattern design depending on the size of the shirt. Ensuring  you get a unique piece.

Cardboard is a  no cost stamp making material , draw a shape with a marker and cut your stamp shape with scissors or a utility knife , leave the cardboard as is or remove the first layer for texture. 

cardboard stamp
Various shapes of cardboard creating a stamp

Kitchen sponges play as a great stamp too they are not so durable but its possible to create a simple stamp form. thin sponges are the best to use because they don t absorb too much paint.

Make a organic material , fruit or vegetable stamp

Save your wine cork to create a small stamp in any desired shape. The beauty of the wine cork stamp  is  texture variations.

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