Mixed Media:Mask

Cereal box cardboard Mask making can be fun , mask are utilized year round 
mostly on theaters , school  plays, masquerade balls and specially on Halloween.  The making of masks can be therapeutic, it releases stress of the  mind into a creative adventure.
Traced a shape of a basic mask out of a cereal box; Making sure that the eyes are comfortable, avoiding to lose eyesight perspective with the mask.
Utilizing the basic mask shape, traced the basic shape and from there started my design. Cutting the outside shape with scissors on one side; Then Folded the mask in half so both sides are equal and trace the shape with a marker and cut.
Utilizing a piece of wood to avoid  damaging the work surface.

 A mix of glue and water. (paper mache glue can also be used but takes longer to dry)

Upcycled paper  from a magazine for the next steps layer after layer achieves a strong mask.

mask layer

Upcycled paper  from a magazine for the next step.
Layer after layer achieves a strong mask.
After it dries it's time to paint  texture.
mask texture
Bidimensional  acrylic paint covers 
the paper layers of the mask 

finished mask
Textured to look as the bark from a tree

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