Organization: Crafts

"LEAVING ROOM FOR CREATION"Organizing is an important daily task at every home and even more important to the household where lots of arts and crafts are created daily.
Using leftovers of office supplies like remnants of pencils that you can not write or draw with them any more is  a quick clever idea for organizing yarn. If you love the idea feel free to share it to the world.
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This idea came up to my mind while making one of string art pieces;  The story goes like this: 

Our toddler is a quick little one, making messes and breaking stuff as she plays along the day; we have to keep all of our eyes on her while she is awake. She took the yarn that I was using and in a second she made them a mess, I had to stop my work and had to clear the mess quickly. 

So I took pencil leftovers that I was saving to make a up-cycled craft  for my eldest daughter's teacher and untangled the yarns with my patience it took me more than an hour to achieve. But I simply did it and took a chance to make of this little mess a learning idea for all of us.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe Thanks for reading 


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